Our services attract the attention of many types of travel nurse contractors and providers to the health care industry.

How We Work With You

Working with contractors and agencies

There are many different travel nurse contractors and agencies who place medical personnel in different positions and locations across Canada. Finding suitable accommodations, specially in rural locations, can be a real challenge.

How Nurses Travel Accommodations Services works with our clients:

  • We will develop a long-term relationship with your placement agency or health service department.
  • What makes our services unique is that we will build to your specifications, whether a single suit6e, duplex, fourplex and even micro suites of up to 20 suits.
  • Our goal is to have a fully turnkey product ready for you within a maximum of 10 months.
  • Once these units are complete, you will have accommodations that are new, modern and which contain all the amenities to make your medical professional comfortable and safe.
  • If you require housing to be built in more than one community at the same time, we can offer that as well.

For nurses and other medical professionals who have been given a daily living stipend by their agency, we can also accommodate your needs.

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Accommodations for travelling nurses and other health care professionals.