Our services attract the attention of many types of contractors and providers to the health care industry.

Our Clients

Our unique services are available to many different providers within the health care industry.

There is a constant requirement for nurses and other health care professionals in many different locations, specially in smaller cities and towns. This has generated a multi-faceted response to this need. What we offer is in conjunction with the services offered by many health care focussed groups.


  • There are many nurses and other health care professionals willing to travel to communities in order to share their expertise.
  • This in turn has given rise to multiple contractors who specialize in hiring nurses and other health care professionals on a short-term basis to fill the gap being experienced by health care facilities in many different locations.
  • These contractors must match available accommodations with the needs of these travelling professionals and this might not always be the easiest thing to do.

Provincial Health Services Authorities

  • Our new-build concept offers a superb housing alternative for nurses and health care practitioners who are or will be placed in different communities.

P3 Health Care providers

  • Public-private partnerships, or P3s, are partnerships between governments and the private sector to build public infrastructure or to deliver public services, including hospitals and other health care venues.
  • Healthcare infrastructure in Canada is being renewed through the P3 delivery model. With many P3 hospitals in operation or development, governments, healthcare leaders and communities are seeing the benefits.

Individual Health Care Professionals

  • Some contractors or agencies who hire nurses and others in the health care sector will provide a housing stipend rather than provide the actual housing in a community.
  • We can help the healthcare professional who is looking for accommodations in a variety of locations across British Columbia and Alberta.

What We Offer

  • What we offer is in conjunction with the services offered by the services above, as well as many others whose focus is matching health care professionals with facilities in locations in British Columbia and Alberta.
  • Nurses Travel Accommodations Services offers the new build of a single suite, duplex, fourplex and even micro suites of up to 20 suites.
  • Our timeline is to target the completion of whatever you require within 10 months.

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Accommodations for travelling nurses and other health care professionals.