We offer new builds with all the amenities you need.

How It Works

Nursing accommodations are realized in hotels, B &B’s, friends of friends, and more.

These stays might leave much to be desired because the accommodations are not meeting the hopes and expectations of the travel Health Care professional.

Our service is different.

  • We search all areas close to working hospitals, care facilities, health care builds and develop a new build specially for nurses and health care professionals.
  • We build an all-inclusive program that details amenities, including the option of safe travel to and from your destination contract.
  • We will build and develop from the ground to turnkey.
  • We offer the nurse or health care professional an all-inclusive enjoyable work stay.
  • The new build of a single suite, duplex, fourplex and even micro suites of up to 20 suites can be built and ready within 10 months.
  • With this new concept of offering travel nurses and health care professionals a perfect place to call home while on their contract work, we also offer a fair monthly rent that you will be very surprised.

We mainly cater to contractors and agencies who specialize in placing nurses and other health care professionals in a wide variety of locations in Alberta and British Columbia. However, we invite any health care professional who has been given an accommodation stipend to contact us directly. Click here to fill out our information request form and we will get back to you shortly!

Brand new fully furnished accommodations for travelling nurses and other health care professionals.