Our nurses travel accommodation concept is unique.

Who We Are

Have you accepted a short-term or even long-term contract to work in the health care sector away from your home base?

There is currently a shortage of health care professionals in many Canadian locations. However one of the most important issues facing those who choose to travel to such work destinations is finding safe, fair price all-inclusive accommodations.

Nurses Travel Accommodations Services has been established with that goal in mind.

After working in the Health Care industry for many years, Gary Tamblyn , located in Penticton, British Columbia, has recognized the issues behind hiring and retaining all occupations of Health Care professionals and has developed the ideal solution.

Gary's experience has certainly prepared him to take on the reins of this new company. As a well-rounded Executive Health Care Professional, Gary has excellent time-management and networking skills. He is a proven Human Resources best practice specialist with contract management skills, as well as a change management specialist and champion for employee engagement.

Gary has seen over the years the problems of hiring and retaining all occupations of Health Care professionals. Not only finding the health care professionals but to find housing that is desired for the employees to want to stay feeling safe with all worries taken care off.

Having been involved in the day-to-day operations of residential communities, as well as having held the position of COO of a large healthcare service provider, Gary is committed to having Nurse Travel accommodations step up to the plate and become the health care management firm of choice for contractors needing such services.

Based on Gary Tamblyn's vision, Nurse Travel Accommodations uses effective, efficient methods and foundations as a consultant, developer and operator of Independent, Assisted and Supportive Residential Housing, as well as Complex Care and Memory Care Communities. These many aspects of working in multiple areans of health care, allows Gary and his team to concentrate on the best Accommodations that any nurse professional will want to stay while they experience their travel contract.

Nurses Travel Accommodations Services offers brand new builds for travelling nurses and other health care professionals.